Exclusive Preview – Michel Tuffery

New Zealand based artist, Michel Tuffery, was recently in Campbelltown to produce his latest work for Edge of Elsewhere 2012.

When Tuffery explained his project, there were four simple requests:

1. A state public housing property in the suburb of Minto.

2. A group of local youths willing to spend one day playing video games and socialising inside the propery.

3. A film crew, comprising Film and Digital Media students from Campbelltown TAFE to document the performance.

4. A herd of Limousin cattle, including two bulls, three cows and a calf to co-habit the house with local youths.

Click below for an exclusive preview of the latest work commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre for Edge of Elsewhere 2012. The project involved over 30 local youths from the Campbelltown area, including students from Campbelltown TAFE and Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural High School. This work represents almost two years of research into the Campbelltown area by Tuffery, and draws connections between the shared histories and stores of Campbelltown’s communities, with those from communities of the wider Pacific region.

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