by campbelltownartscentre

Fx Harsono, Writing in the Rain (2011), installation view, photograph: Susannah Wemberley

COR (Celebrate-Obliterate-Recreate: an invisible ritual of shared sacrifice) is a response to the In Memory of Name workshops led by FX Harsono. It is a 3-stage process involving aspects of celebrating, obliterating, and recreating personal narratives and identities. Each participant brought one image of a cherished object to the project.  Echoing the words of Eva Gyarmati, “The value of an object lies not only in how beautiful it is but in the stories that it holds, the emotions that it evokes and the lessons that it teaches us,” they wrote about the object and its personal significance to them.

The complete set of images and stories were then sacrificed to a group lottery, whereby each participant adopted an object that was not originally their own. Regarding the adopted object as if part of their own personal history, they rewrote over the original stories and ownership with varying degrees of transparency. Finally, the writers’ names were rendered invisible. Authorless and unanchored, the stories and objects merge with a broader platter of sincere, severed, borrowed, layered and evolving identities. These final stories are presented in display vitrines alongside FX Harsono’s video Writing in the Rain.

The documentation of this three-phase process is available for view. To download the original stories, click here. To find out who rewrote the stories, click here.

Celebrate, Obliterate, Recreate: an invisible ritual of shared sacrifice, 2011, c-print on rag paper, conceived by Mai Nguyen Long for In Memory of a Name Curatorium with Andreas Jaka Pratama, Helen Fong, FX Harsono, Elly Kent, Nasim Nasr, Adam Porter, Macushla Robinson, Angela Stretch, Scott Wark.

Credits: Gina Fairley, Srimustika Kencana Wangsa, Stuart Horstman (photo), Nguyen Kim Long (photo), Meredith Yardley (photo)