In Memory of a Name symposium – documentation

by campbelltownartscentre

Thanks to all those that made it to 4A last weekend for the In Memory of A Name symposium. All of the presentations from the symposium have been recorded and will be uploaded early next week.

Elly Kent’s project, Née (born as), continues the conversation on the memorialisation of names all this week at Casula Powerhouse. Elly’s project will be open to the public from 11am – 5pm until Friday 24 February.

In the mean time, here are a few photos taken of the various presentations throughout the day.

From left: Abby Lyn Drieslma, Dan Moon and Kim Tan have their names translated by Andreas Pratama.

Curatorium member Helen Fong with Pranic healer Ysaiah Ross.

Ysaiah Ross (far right) and Pranic healer (far left) 'read' the strength of curatorium participants name.

FX Harsono (right) with Toby Chapman (left) and Macushla Robinson (centre).

Dan Moon and Abby Lyn Drieslma participate in Elly Kent's Née (born as) project.