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Culture for Sale – Shigeyuki Kihara

Edge of Elsewhere is pleased to present a documentary made about Shigeyuki Kihara’s live performance, Culture for Sale (2012). Culture for Sale was commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art for Edge of Elsewhere in 2012, and was performed at the opening of Campbelltown’s exhibition on Friday 13 January, 2012.

Culture for Sale explores the close relationship between performance, identity and money in relation to the commercialisaiton of Samoan culture in the wake of the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Samoa, in June 2011.

Edge of Elsewhere is pleased to present Culture for Sale, a documentary made about Shigeyuki Kihara’s live performance from the opening night of Edge of Elsewhere in 2012. Enjoy


In Memory of a Name podcast series

FX Harsono (right) with Toby Chapman and Macushla Robinson

As one of their outcomes, the In Memory of a Name curatorium presented a series of conversations, presentations and interviews – the In Memory of a Name Mini-Symposium. Held at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art on Saturday 18 February, the event saw a number of participants from the curatorium present aspects of the research that they have undertaken as part of the In Memory of a Name curatorium project. The curatorium was initiated by Indonesian artist, FX Harsono, as part of Edge of Elsewhere. All projects that were part of Edge of Elsewhere in 2012 adopted unique and differing perspectives on what or where a community is, and how an artists can hope to truly engage with these communities.

Harsono’s group, comprised of emerging artists, writers, critics and curators from across Australia, both undertook research into various communities about the effects of changing ones name, but also became a constructed community in themselves. As individuals who had little or no previously knowledge of one another, their year-long process of research and reporting acted as a structure from which legitimate and lasting relationships, dialogues and exchanges could take place. A number of participants from the curatorium decided in late 2011 that a broadcasted mini-symposium would be the best method for presenting a range of varying and often disparate conversations. Whilst these conversations could not be broadcast on the day, they were transmitted through 4A, and recorded.

The In Memory of a Name Curatorium, as part of Edge of Elsewhere are pleased to present a series of podcasts from their symposium. Continue reading for a complete list of podcast recordings from the event.

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Campbelltown Arts Centre – Exhibition Opening

Edge of Elsewhere 2012 officially opens at Campbelltown Arts Centre this evening from 7pm tonight.

Please join us for the launch of the final instalment of Edge of Elsewhere, curated by Dr. Thomas Berghuis, Lisa Havilah and
Aaron Seeto. Exhibited from tonight are new commissions by artists Brook Andrew, Richard Bell, Dacchi Dang, Shigeyuki Kihara, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Khaled Sabsabi, Phaptawan Suwannakudt and Michel Tuffery.

Shigeyuki Kihara will present a new live performance, Culture for Sale, from 8pm tonight.

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art – Installation Images

Khaled Sabsabi, corner (2012), installation view, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, 2012. Photograph: Susannah Wemberley

Thank you to all that made it to the opening of Edge of Elsewhere at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art last night. There was an incredible amount of support for the project and participating artits. Special thanks also to Maud Page for opening the exhibition.

There’s a small selection of installation images below.

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4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art – Exhibition Launch

Edge of Elsewhere launches this evening, 6 – 8pm at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, 181-187 Hay Street, Haymarket. The exhibition will be opened by Maud Page, Curator of Contemporary Pacific Art, Queensland Art Gallery.


In its final year, Edge of Elsewhere presents a number of projects in development since 2010. Exhibited at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art are works by Arahmaiani, FX Harsono, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Khaled Sabsabi and YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES.

By initiating and developing experiences of cross-cultural dialogue with communities, and linking these to significant experiences of contemporary art and everyday life, Edge of Elsewhere expands the profile of Australia’s emerging communities by connecting them with broader national and international arts practices.

Studio Visit – Phaptawan Suwannakudt

The Edge of Elsewhere team recently visited artist Phaptawan Suwannakudt at her studio and had a chance to preview her new commission for the 2012 exhibition. Throughout 2011, Phaptawan has worked extensively with groups and individuals in South-West Sydney and the Inner West of Sydney, looking at how individuals create or respond to a understanding of home.

In many instances, the people that Phaptawan spoke to used an object of their own – a piece of clothing, a photograph, a book – as a means of articulating these feelings.

Phaptawan has incorporated these objects into her expansive, multi-canvas mural work which will be part of the Campbelltown Arts Centre exhibition for Edge of Elsewhere 2012. The mural involves a design of canvasses of different sizes and shapes that inter-lock to produce a sculptural and multidimensional work. Read on to see a small glimpse of the work that Phaptawan is creating for the exhibition.

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Workshop – FX Harsono: In Memory of a Name

Beginning in early 2011, Indonesian artist FX Harsono initiated a curatorim to be made up of a group of emerging cultural producers – artists, writers, curators, academics – as part of the artists contribution to Edge of Elsewhere. Through a series of workshops, online discussions, meetings and individual research the group has conisdered the implications of, and decisions tha lead to changing one’s name.

In late October, 2011 Harsono returned to Sydney to participate in the third In Memory of a Name curatorium workshop. The workshop was a chance for participants to come together to share their individual research and begin discussions about how the outcomes of their progress so far.

The curatorium will present a selection of outcomes from their individual and collective research as part of the 2012 Edge of Elsewhere exhibition program. These outcomes are still in development, but stay tuned for more details closer to January!

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Breathing is Free: 12,756.3 – Canberra performance

Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba recently completed a stage of his ongoing project, Breathing is Free: 12,756.3 in Canberra, ACT. The performance was part of am ongoing project in which the artist aims to run the diameter of the Earth, 12,756.3 km, in a series of performances that will be documented in still and video photography, along with topographical maps that track the artist’s movement via GPS.

Nguyen-Hatsushiba’s performance in Canberra was commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre for the final installment of Edge of Elsewhere, 2012.

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Brook Andrew – Banjo


Edge of Elsewhere is excited to present a series of production sketches from a major new work, Banjo, by Australian artist, Brook Andrew.

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Newell Harry – Istanbul Biennial

Newell Harry, Untitled gift mat series, installation view, Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011

The Edge of Elsewhere team would like to share some installation images of Newell Harry’s work that has been included in the 12th Istanbul Biennial, Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011.Harry’s contribution to the Biennial included a number of his untitled gift mat series. This series (pictured above) are a group of Tapa mat’s that Newell Harry commissioned in 2009. Other Australian artists in the Biennial include Simryn Gill, with her series of photographs, My Own Private Angkor. Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011 run until 13 November, 2011.


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